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I am a quantitative/spatial ecologist interested in macroecological patterns (e.g. biogeography & biodiversity) and emerging environmental issues under global change. I mainly use statistical models and computational informatics to answer ecological questions in a broad spatial context. I envision my research will provide scientific basis for biodiversity conservation and land management under global change. [read more about my research]

I am a postdoc in an interdisciplinary research group (BBCScience) at University of Arizona. There are four postdocs and nine faculty members (Brian Enquist & Kacey Ernst et al.) in our group, aiming to addresses scientific and societal grand challenges in biodiversity conservation, public health, and societal well-being under global changes.

I am also a postdoc in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment at University of Arizona. I work with Dave Breshears, Laura López-Hoffman, and Abby Swann (U Washington) on ecoclimate teleconnections.

I like the outdoors. I love hiking and fishing. I also like playing Lego and chess with my kids.

↗ "Hammer" and me in Stillwater, Oklahoma, 2012
Email: FengXiao@email.arizona.edu 
Institute of the Environment, University of Arizona,
ENR2, Building 137, Room N582, 
Tucson, AZ, 85721-0137