Group members

Luis Aguirre-López, Ph.D. student


B.S. Biology, University of Oviedo (Spain), 2016

M.S. Biological Sciences (Ecology), National Autonomous University of Mexico, 2020

Research interests

Conservation biogeography, ecology, biodiversity conservation planning, species distribution modeling, GIS applications, climate change and multi-scale species interactions.

Xin Chen, Postdoc fellow


M.S. SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, 2015

Ph.D. Forest Resources, Doctoral Minor in Statistics, The Pennsylvania State University, 2020

Research interests

How species respond to different drivers including abiotic, biotic, and anthropogenic factors and modeling their distributions at different temporal and spatial scales.

Development of methodology of ecological niche modeling.

Tainá Rocha, Lab guest

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Ph.D. in Zoology, Emílio Goeldi Museum (Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi), Pará-Brazi, 2017

MSc. in Environmental biology, Federal University of Pará, Brazil, 2012

Research interests

Patterns of biodiversity distribution.

Data analysis of biodiversity and environmental, focusing on global changes (climate and land-use land-cover).

Best practice in open science, good workflows and reproducibility.