Post-doc position

A two-year postdoc fellowship at FSU is available in 2021. Details will be updated soon. Feel free to email me for more details.

Prospective Graduate Students

I'm looking for PhD/Master students to join my lab starting in Spring/Fall 2021. Perspective students share similar research interests are highly encouraged to apply [read more about my research here-LINK].

If you are interested in working with me, please send me an email with:

(1) your CV,

(2) a description of your research interests,

(3) your experience working with programming and data science.

Graduate students will be mainly supported through research/teaching assistantships. I am also happy to discuss opportunities and ideas of external fellowships.

For Spring 2021, the admission will open August 1st. Deadline to apply is October 1st. Please refer to the FSU Department of Geography webpage [read more-LINK] for more information on how to apply to the graduate program.

Prospective Undergraduate Students

If you are looking for ways to gain research experience in any of the research focus of lab, please email me.​​

I also work with FSU-UROP program [read more-LINK] that provides undergraduate research assistantships. Students interested in working with me are highly encouraged to apply.